Our company was going through a change of administration in the last 6 months, which has caused a part of our customers to be affected by delays in their orders and lack of updating orders, this due to the new version of our site web that is being implemented for the best service to our new customers, this has been caused technical problems in our messaging center, leaving our staff without communication with some of our customers, the new version of the website is available from day 15 September, all orders placed from August 1 to date, will be delivered within the next 12 business days from September 8, orders that are before this date will be fully refunded and our customers They can recreate their order to receive their packages as quickly as possible.

We apologize to all our customers, who have been affected by these changes, our website will have many discount coupons and offers to compensate for the bad experience caused.


ATT GRUPO CUESTA S.R.L (New Administration)